Google is taking a toll on spammers to enhance the user-experience and implements algorithmic updates and manual penalties to target and decrease the manipulative websites. Sadly, updates cause damage to legitimate businesses who are unaware of these changes.

At Bluetech, we have many clients who discovered themselves in a bad state before consulting us for help. We’re here to give the businesses band-aid when they suffer the injury of penalties and updates. Bluetech helps businesses, to recover at best risking their reputability in the present as well as future. Our plans for penalty recovery program consist of Google’s:

  • Algorithms
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Manual Penalty Recovery

Our team analyzes your website, the traffic it receives, and the link profile to reach to roots of the problem of the traffic drop. We first classify and check whether it is issues of an update, penalty, or link devaluation, all of them are separate things. We then work jointly with you to properly plan out recovery so that you meet and surpass your earlier traffic levels.

Our experts at Bluetech are well-versed to sort out penalty and take decisive action against them. They will devise a recovery plan that enhances your existing website performance.

Bluetech’s Pay Per Click service offers your business instant impact with greater reach. Efficiently manage your ad campaigns and get maximum returns on investment.

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