Bluetech has been accredited top Shopify Development Company by GoodFirms

Bluetech has been accredited top Shopify Development Company by GoodFirms

 For its prodigious service-offerings, GoodFirms ranks Bluetech among Top Shopify Development Companies around the globe.

Bluetech is a trendsetter, an all-rounder IT company located in the heart of India – Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Even at the time of its foundation in 2015, the team was exceptionally ahead of the curve. Today, the company is an ace of the deck when it comes to E-Commerce Development, Branding, and Marketing. Furthermore, they are serving as collaborative partners with esteemed platforms such as Microsoft, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Out Of The Sandbox.

With a growing-strong team of apt designers, developers, managers, strategists, marketers, and e-commerce experts, the company is well rounded in planning and developing a befitting project for the clients. Their services cover web design & development, digital marketing, software development, e-commerce development, testing services, maintenance & support, and other IT services.

Bluetech is an exemplar for focusing and aiding small businesses, local as well as cross-border, to develop and sustain e-commerce. Mostly, the clients at the company hail from consumer products; but a broader portfolio covers clients from business services, hospitality, information technology, designing, real estate, and retail businesses. Their dealing with versatile clients over the years have benefitted with a better understanding and a greater endurance while partnering up with a new client.

Elements of GoodFirms Research Process

The companies that register with GoodFirms gets researched and accredited regularly. The scoring and ranking process is based on primary and secondary research from data available from various sources.

The research process heavily relies on three principal evaluations – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. The quality of the company is evaluated based on client ratings and project portfolios. The market penetration and experience is considered for assessing the reliability of the agency. While the ability of the company is judged based on the company resources.

GoodFirms recently assessed Bluetech for their service-offering in three techno-commerce niches. Detailed findings are as below:

BlueTech Assessment and Rankings on GoodFirms

Shopify Development Company

The team at Bluetech is not just-any-other e-commerce developer. For their peculiar understanding of consumer behavior and marketplace development, they have been serving in the elite squad of Shopify Experts past many years.

The company offers a diverse range of Shopify services; which typically includes store setup, theme customization, third-party integrations, marketplace-app development, as well as marketing. But the stars for appreciation they earn from their clients, are because of one crucial aspect of their services – Quick Delivery. As reviewed by one of their clients on GoodFirms. 

The agency even received five-star ratings for their over-all e-commerce services.

With such efficient service-offerings that satisfies business clients, while leading the niche with rigorous innovations, Bluetech has endeavored to be worthy enough and ranked among top Shopify development companies listed on GoodFirms.

Web Design Company

To match clients’ efforts for more-than-three-seconds goal, web designers at Bluetech has been persistent, pulling out a new trick every time. Since their inception, the agency has paralleled the ideas with the latest trends and practices, to push the edges of interactive web-pages; enhancing user engagement and increasing lead generation.

Their caliber for making websites compatible for any purpose is praiseworthy, let it be for e-commerce or hospitality or even real estate. Logo designs, smother navigations, interactive layouts, and lead-generation platforms are some of their specialties.

Paul Henri Quenum, a Flight Attendant at Qatar Airways, has given a rating of 4.75 stars for web development. Check out his recommendation for the company.

As the company is growing with these splendid services and a list of satisfied clients, it is expected to be ranked among top web designers recognized by GoodFirms.

Social Media Marketing Agency

With the power of social media, every client has become a reviewer as well as a promoter. Thus every business, even the smaller ones, have to be conscious of their digital presence and carefully weave their brand story across various social platforms. Bluetech believes this precisely. That is why the team continually refurbish its social media consultancy and management services with the latest trends and platform updates.

All the branding services offered by the agency focuses on three vital elements – Brand Awareness, Promotions, and User Interaction. To aid the cause, the team first recognizes user-empathetic narratives, data & analytics, new opportunities, and practical goals & plans. Then, they would help to define business needs and marketing course.

For their display of out-of-the-box storytelling and effective messaging, the research team anticipates the promotion of the company through the ranks of top social media marketing agencies on GoodFirms.

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