ECommerce Funnel Setup

The most efficient way to boost online sales is to enhance the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. More are the visitors who convert, higher are your profits. That’s why it is necessary to set up sales funnel for your business. Simply, receiving a high volume of visitors on your website doesn’t confirm great sales. There should be a proper channel setup that leads the visitor from the landing page to perform sale without any break in between. No diversions.

At Bluetech, we create eCommerce Funnel Setup service by collectively embracing creativity, data, and experience. Firstly, we understand your aims, if it’s for sales increase, or for getting more leads from the website contact page, or improve the signups of the email newsletter. Then we examine how visitors currently surf your website using Google Analytics, heatmaps, and usability testing. Next involves, landing page designing and creation to check the original web page so that we identify the value-serving design and content which lead to impressive conversion rate. Our eCommerce Funnel Setup service involves,

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • E-commerce Conversion Optimization
  • Web Page Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • A/B & Split URL Testing

Bluetech offers eCommerce Funnel Setup services that perform keeping the core your business objectives at the core, and help you set a tailored strategy that results in optimum conversions. Consult our experts for eCommerce sales funnel set up which boosts the online sales manifold.

Click Funnel

Create Sales Funnels with high converting lead pages that you can use to bring thousands of clients to your business.
Click Funnels – A Funnel That Will Work for You!
Click Funnels is a platform that allows you to create and configure a wide range of pages. These are professionally created themes that you can configure and edit to match your needs.