Organic Traffic Increased
by 268%

Organic Sales Increased
by 145%

Improved Search Results on Google and other search engines within 160 days 

Project: Urban Wool

Target Country: UK

Fact: Increased ROI through Leads, Sales, and Revenue from SEO Campaigns

Urban Wool SEO Case Study

Urban Wool is using the best quality wool and their ultimate aim is to produce a quality and long lasting product. All Urban Wool bedding is expertly manufactured using 100% organic pure wool and stitched with 100% organic cotton thread.

Bluetech IT Services were helping Urban Wool with its SEO and site challenges. The company offers internet marketing services, specializing in both SEO and SMO services. We work within modern frameworks to increase the growth of site traffic while assessing behavioral factors and daily monitoring

Business Challenges

Urban Wool faced challenges such as seasonal sales restrictions, necessitating a diversified target audience beyond winter. This required rebranding and messaging alignment, overhauling content strategy, improving SEO rankings, and building awareness of the product's versatility. Optimizing conversion rates and developing new performance metrics were crucial for measuring success beyond traditional metrics like website traffic.

Increased Inbound Links

all,Created strategic internal backlinks from highly authoritative pages to increase page authority and domain authority. Getting quality backlinks from high-authority websites naturally results in a ranking surge, increased referral traffic, a whole set of new audiences, and most of all a sales boost!

Improved Traffic and Organic Visibility | 433 Pages Indexed: Boosting Visibility on Google SERP

Keywords Ranking Improvement

Ranked four competitive keywords in just 4 months.

Natural Wool Duvets UK

Pure Wool Mattress Topper UK

Organic Wool Mattress Topper

Wool Pillow Protector UK

Domain Authority and Page

Authority Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that gives a measure of how successful a site is when it comes to search engine results.

We have also improved our Domain Authority.




No Cannibalization Error

Keyword cannibalization is an SEO issue that occurs when multiple pages on a site compete with each other for the same Google rankings. 

Cannibalization can affect our Google page ranking because when we have cannibalization errors on our website, then a search engine like Google can't discern which content to rank higher.

This means that sometimes it will give a higher ranking to the web page you don't mean to prioritize.

Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Google Analytics performance report shows improvement of website users, session, engagement session of users etc.

Our input helps improve Google Search for websites. See below the search result,


New User




Engagement Sessions 

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console performance report, the graph shows the improvement of Clicks, impressions and Average Click-through Rate.


Total Clicks


Total Impressions


Average CTR

 Keywords Ranking improved by 25% within 60 Days


● Improve online presence

● On-page optimization.

● SEO Audit for Improvement performance in the Google Search engine.


 ●  Find Keywords for a website.

 ● Adding keywords to attract the right type of audience.


 In conclusion, our collaboration with Urban Wool has resulted in significant improvements across various aspects of their online presence. From a 100% increase in organic traffic to achieving top 5 rankings for keywords. By addressing the initial challenges of seasonal products, we've not only met but exceeded the set goals. These improvements aren't just numbers on a report; they represent real growth for Urban Wool. They signify increased visibility, enhanced user engagement, and a stronger digital presence that resonates with their target audience.