E-Commerce Store Management Services

If you are a part of the online retail market or an online store and are working on giving the best experience to the customers, it is not an easy thing to be worked upon.
Being consistent with this arduous process of managing inventory, picking, packaging orders and the customer after sale service is not a straightforward task and a single oversight in this process can damage the store’s prominence.
Bluetech is your one perfect stop to acquire the services, which are specifically designed to succour the e-commerce store by providing splendid operational services. All the services are provided by us, to bring about perfection in the process of management of inventory/orders, customer assistance, and are accessible according to client’s convenience. We will gratify you with the hands-free experience of our exhaustive services of store management, where we work and execute everything for you. In this domain, few features that we propound are:
A Comprehensive Store Management: We will handle the operational part of the store. You can focus on the strategic vision. The designing, hosting, processing of payment, promotional activities, fulfilment will be the tasks accomplished by us.

Fulfilment Services: We serve you with the splendid fulfilment of services, which includes the process of obtaining an order from the online store and delivering it till the customer’s doorstep, with utmost precision. Quality remains undisturbed and also our adequate packaging system and timely delivery of the product to the assigned customer is efficiently compliant.

Inventory Management: Inventory management is a pivotal factor affecting the success of an online store. Too much of inventory or too less of it, both carry heavy risk with them. Too much inventory will reduce the cash flow and increase wastage on obsolete goods, whereas less of it will develop the risk of not being able to meet the requirements of the customer’s demand, developing a negative image about the store and ending-up losing the customer.
We at Bluetech, manage this with the usage of sufficing resources such as warehouses and other advanced solutions. We manage the inventory to ensure the timely dispatch with correct item to the assigned customer by using the feature of real time inventory management service, which also holds the advantage of forecasting the inventory needs.
Customer Service and Delivery Consulting: We hold a team of experts, who all are well experienced in advanced customer service delivery techniques and who can help you improve on the key-point areas like the service delivery opportunity and add up in the good will of your store.