Digital Marketing

Bluetech brings a full range of digital marketing services for businesses that enable them to achieve a high degree of brand awareness. Bluetech as a well-known digital marketing agency embraces an out of the box, analytical and research-oriented approach. Our integrated digital marketing strategies benefit businesses to target audience on a large-scale and grow their client footprint.

Our team of digital marketing experts continuously thinks of innovative and effective methods to drive the online network to interact, transact and develop.

ECommerce SEO

eCommerce websites are different than the other ones on the web. The survival of eCommerce website depends on a tailor-made digital marketing strategy that yields qualified web traffic.

Bluetech has been in the SEO industry for a very long time, and many of our experts, are seasoned in getting the distinct website visibility. We blend the technical SEO know-how, with comprehensive inbound marketing expertise to offer the finest solutions for eCommerce websites. Our SEO Strategies for eCommerce websites involve rigorous SEO and audit checklist customized as per the business needs.

On Page Optimization

Bluetech is an industry-leading and ever-growing SEO solution provider company with a team of skilled SEO expert consultants. Our experts, at Bluetech, not only strive to boost your website traffic or earn top rankings, but also optimize your business to get increased visibility with desired results.

Our customized SEO strategies not only take your business website ahead of the search results but also at the front of targeted audiences everywhere on the web. We design campaigns that bring you distinct visibility in the search results.

SMO Services

Bluetech is a well-known Social Media Optimization company, helping you create and manage your business on the top-performing social media platforms. At Bluetech we help business with their social media profile management platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus for their clients. With relevant SMO activities, we help businesses gain better visibility on various social media platforms.

Social Media for any business serves an immense opportunity to market their service and products. Our top-notch SMO Services boosts the online presence of businesses and generate active leads that are easy to convert clients.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing resides at the core of your digital strategy. Bluetech is a full stack digital marketing agency has a dedicated team of marketing experts who understand how your website, app, media, PR, SEO and online advertising, which contributes for a smooth conversation between you and your clients.

Bluetech’s social media marketing services are aimed to help you know the visibility of your brand on social media platform and how to manage, and it performs. Bluetech offers Social Media Marketing Plan which involves three critical components, interaction, brand promotion, and awareness.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation for any business is everything. Negative publicity generates adverse results, and this is why reputation management is of serious concern in the cutthroat competitive market.

Bluetech offers top-notch online reputation management services to businesses who want to secure their brands from degrading content that their target prospects may access through search queries.

We ensure that the web content that talks about your business results in positive terms and stays at the peak of the SERPs, while negative content decelerates the rank growth.

Penalty Recovery Services

Google is taking a toll on spammers to enhance the user-experience and implements algorithmic updates and manual penalties to target and decrease the manipulative websites. Sadly, updates cause damage to legitimate businesses who are unaware of these changes.

At Bluetech, we have many clients who discovered themselves in a bad state before consulting us for help. We’re here to give the businesses band-aid when they suffer the injury of penalties and updates. Bluetech helps businesses, to recover at best risking their reputability in the present as well as future

Google Adwords Services

Businesses today smartly utilized Google for their online marketing goals. Advertising on Google involves the display of ads when the user searches with specific and relevant keywords, and companies reach out to their prospects without overwhelming every website visitor.

Google AdWords Services makes this possible. This way of digital advertising is considered as the best possible way to connect with interested buyers without interfering with their privacy.

Businesses today smartly utilized Google for their online marketing goals. Advertising on Google involves the display of ads when the user searches with specific and relevant keywords, and companies reach out to their prospects without overwhelming every website visitor.

Pay Per Click Management Services

PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of online marketing tailored explicitly for the search engines. Marketers with PPC, only have to pay for the traffic they obtained from the advertisement clicks on their site. A properly planned and implemented PPC campaign serves the difference between receiving an average traffic and high amounts of targeted traffic. Consequently, finding the right PPC service provider to manage all the aspects of PPC campaign is of utmost concern.

At Bluetech, we are equipped with Google AdWords expert professionals, who assist you to manage your PPC account efficiently. Our PPC management service involves a unique PPC campaign which is customized particularly to your business goals and needs.

ECommerce Funnel Setup

The most efficient way to boost online sales is to enhance the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. More are the visitors who convert, higher are your profits. That’s why it is necessary to set up sales funnel for your business. Simply, receiving a high volume of visitors on your website doesn’t confirm great sales. There should be a proper channel setup that leads the visitor from the landing page to perform sale without any break in between. No diversions.