Shopify Custom Product Bundling

Throvy is a fresh initiative in the fashion industry, and it aims to offer a huge variety of vintage and fashionable street ware at hugely affordable prices. It is based out of Rotterdam, which is one of the most happening and upcoming cities in the Netherlands. Throvy has been in the industry for the past couple of years, and until now it has gathered a substantial fan following for itself.

The main goal of the organization is to supply its consumers and fans with the most fashionable vintage wear from iconic brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Ralph Lauren. Along with fashionable and vintage wear the company sells vintage accessories at jaw-dropping prices. In the years ahead Throvy plans to become the number one destination for vintage shoppers online and here’s a case study to analyse how we helped them in doing just that.


  • Sell product in a bundle.
  • A minimum size of the bundle can be managed from the admin panel of a store.
  • Individual product’s price can’t be shown under the bundle product.
  • Specific alert option according to condition.
  1. Implementation of product bundling
    Much like a regular store where the retailer offers a discount on shopping for multiple products, we took this feature online. With this feature being online, shoppers can bundle all the items they want to purchase in their cart, and then a pre-programmed algorithm calculates the eligible discount on the overall price and order.
  2. Managing the minimum order
    Every shopper is different; while some like to order ten products at once, others just might order two. Therefore we have included a feature where the consumer can buy the products in the bundle of five (which can be multiplied by five from the backend of the store) and avail a discount on the same. This not only saves them money but also puts a smile on their face.
  3. Custom Alerts
    As mentioned earlier, Throvy has a huge collection of vintage fashionable wear and not every buyer is looking for the same product. Their choices vary according to a number of parameters and therefore shoppers can now set a custom alert for specific products they desire. Once the product is in stock, the system will automatically send them an email notification informing them about the same.
  4. Filter products
    Depending on the season and the current trend in the market, shoppers want to choose and browse different the styles available on the website. With this feature in place, shoppers can conveniently choose their style and preference and accordingly products matching to that criteria will be displayed.
  5. Custom pricing
    Earlier the algorithm deciding the price of each bundle was set at a fixed value. Now with the new system in place, the user can confidently choose the bundle size and accordingly an attractive discount will be displayed. The amount of discount that can be given to a user was also earlier pre-set to a particular value, but now the discounts change dynamically based on certain parameters like availability of stock, prices of the product at other shopping portals and many more.


    The technology developed by our organization for Throvy has helped it reach out to more customers and provide them with a satisfactory online experience, which they can cherish for the years to come. This has also increased the retention rate of Throvy, thus benefiting the organization even further.