5 Key questions to ask before Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer

5 Key questions to ask before Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer

Website development task can actually be challenging, if the professional you hire doesn’t meet the competitive standard. The term ‘development’ sounds so easy but in reality, it is more than like solving a complex puzzle. Sometimes the pieces look so easy to match the picture but when viewed closely, and then you’ll realize that it is going to be a tough task which needs professional help. The same thing applies for a website which may function smoothly for certain period. But that ‘certain period’ gets expired when any change or update is made especially if you are operating your website at WordPress platform.  That’s why it’s very crucial to intake the surveillance of best WordPress website experts USA who will be able to cope with the changes and upgradations on the site in a smooth manner.

Getting the throughout assistance of dedicated developers to your project (website) can really add great value to its efficiency. Hence, it is very important to hire a dedicated WordPress developer who can create a simple yet professional-looking site for the success of your online business. With us, you can simply explore those ‘key questions’ that give you the assistance most knowledgeable WordPress developer on-board.

1st Question– For How Many Years You (Proposed Developer) Have Been Developing The WP Theme?

It is considered that experience of the candidate presumed as an expensive asset that compels the employer to make an instant investment.  Experience is and always matter for today’s digital domain that witnesses the capability of prospect. By asking his overall experience to development profile, you get a variety of answers to this question which enable you to easily opt WP development services. So, you should go with the one possessing minimal 3 or 4 years of industry experience.

2nd Question- What Would You Like To Prefer Existing Or Custom Theme To Build A WordPress Site?

By asking this technical question, you get to know how much is your candidate well-versed with all the development technical terms. This will also give you the idea about the developer credential to differentiate between the options for theming a WordPress site.  Both options are good, it just depends on your requirement. Right now the motto is to know whether he is aware which options suit the best need or not.

3rd Question- Do You Prioritize Responsive Features?

Sound diplomatic but necessary to ask to recognize his view about ‘responsive’ feature of the website. If he knows what it intakes to build a responsive site, then think no more he is the one who can create a user-centric business presence for you.

4th Question- What Plugins Are Required While Building Wp Site?

Since WordPress is blessed with a host of plugins for adding multiple functionalities to the site, it is very important to examine whether your candidate is aware of all of them or not. So, when you decide to hire dedicated WordPress developer make sure to know about their perspective for plugins.

5th Question- What Will You Do To Make The Website SEO Optimized?

It is next to unavoidable question in the queue! There is no doubt that WP is itself an SEO-centric platform. This particular question call for the hiring of CMS website developer, who know what keyword can work best to rank the site on top of SERP. Therefore, your prime question should always be around to know his personal tactics to boost the ranking of the website in present and in future.

Final Verdict: To make your website effective and functional, you have to ask all the above questions. The benefit of these question will not only assist you in discovering the best WordPress developer or company but will also encourage you to know other aspects of website development that can really add value to your website.