Social Media Ads vs. Google AdWords : Which is better for your business

Social Media Ads vs. Google AdWords : Which is better for your business

Although agencies and large companies often use a combination of social media and Google Ads to market their businesses or products, small businesses usually choose one of them. Until a few years ago, many marketers realized that there was little difference between using Google AdWords and social media advertising. They are often seen as competing products, but in fact these platforms are very unique and can meet very different needs. So you might be wondering what is the difference between Google ads services and Facebook or Instagram marketing? In this article, we will learn about the different uses of these platforms and why they may be suitable (or not suitable) for your business. 

Together, these two platforms can generate more revenue. Let’s take an example to illustrate how they fit together. In order for consumers to see your ad on social media immediately, you can post the relevant content and information on that particular social media page. Therefore, if customers are interested in the products your company offers. They can Google what they are entitled to. This can even drive organic traffic and save you some resources dedicated to advertising.  

Social media marketing : 

Social media marketing is the best way to promote businesses, brands and products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If used properly, it can make businesses very profitable. This is a boon for advertisers because it helps to classify billions of people and narrow the target audience for advertising. Social networks have hashtags and personal data that allow people to specify their interests and even track what they see on these social networks through cookies to identify what they might be looking for or things that are closely related to them. This information can be used to create buyer personas that can help create personalized content. 

You can choose to advertise on some social networks. It can be done organically, even on paid social networks. Many social networks have separate business identifiers, which can only be used to promote your business. One can use these platforms to advertise in a variety of ways. Create dedicated pages for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc., and include pictures related to your products or services so that people can better understand your business. 

This is the part where your facebook advertising team can be as creative as possible so that people can recognize your brand and you can get followers. When the real work begins after gaining followers, you need to make sure that your posts are consistent with your posts to keep reminding people of your brand and getting them to visit again. Video advertising is very effective. Eye-catching ads can make people click on your page almost immediately. You can even create real-time discussions where one can talk about products and can have consumers talk about how much they like your products. Social media can also be a platform for you to communicate with your target audience. You must be prepared to deal with people’s praise, criticism, and inquiries. You must also treat it professionally to maintain your brand image. Using social media such as Facebook, you can specify what you want to achieve, and the business page will help you with your advertising campaign.   


  • Advanced Targeting
  • Direct Access to Customers
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lower Advertising Cost 
  • Online Reviews on Brand, Product, or Service
  • Community building
  • Increase Leads & Sales

Creating a Google Ad campaign: Google has more than 5 billion searches every day, and Google provides many companies with the opportunity to promote their content in a very systematic way. Google ads services give the opportunity for many businesses to promote their content in a very systematic manner. Businesses may bid for their ads to show up when a particular keyword is typed into the search engine. If the keyword is part of the query and there are more than one businesses bidding for that keyword, Adwords establishes an auction. When you bid, you choose a group of keywords. Google does a crawl to identify the most relevant keyword and submits it for the auction. Here, Google algorithms work out a few calculations to identify ads. The Ad rank is the product of the highest CPC bid and the Quality score. Apart from this there are so many different formats of Google Ads that you can select based on your marketing strategy. Google shopping allows you to show the ad up on right with all the information of your products features, reviews etc. You can advertise your business either through a search network or the display network with the help of Google ads specialist. The search network displays advertisements on the page where you conduct your search and the display network displays advertisements on websites or applications that are related to your keywords. 


  • Increase brand awareness or page views.
  • Increase your company’s potential customers.
  • Increase traffic or engagement on your website.
  • Drive sales or store visits to Target people through your ads.

Summary : 

The choice depends on several factors, such as your business goals, your business type, or your customer base. Everyone plays the same role in the success of the event and the ROI achieved. When the two platforms appear equivalent  in this digital world as the specific support system for your business, you should always know how to guide the intelligent use of the two platforms, whether it is Google adwords or social media marketing. Both have excellent advertising strategies, and both are complementary forms of the other’s problems and solutions. 

The choice may not always be clear but we often recommend that business owners go beyond the return on investment (ROI)  and consider judging their campaigns based on the total value they bring to the business, even in the case of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Value can be anything, from building brand awareness to reaching potential customers or getting more potential customers, conversions, and purchases.